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agileretro.se, aims is to give its users the ability to utilize surveys to periodically follow up team-members or groups concerning stress, engagement, motivation, etc. The user can utilize one of the standard models that agileretro.se offer or create its own group/company specific model.

When a user registers as a member at agileretro.se, he or she accepts the terms and conditions.

agileretro.se offers their services to you with the following terms and conditions, which may be updated. Updates of the terms and conditions are sent to its users per email.

The terms apply to all articles, survey models and other documentation which the user has access to or downloading from agileretro.se.


User is bound not to use documents, templates or other material at agileretro.se for any other commercial activity.

The owner of the account is responsible for the acts done under the user's account. Username and password (login information) for use by agileretro.se is personal.

If the user finds out or suspects that that credentials has been leaked or spread in any way, the user should immediately ensure that the password is changed.


All intellectual property rights covering services agileretro.se and its technical solutions used for the supply of these, user interface design, software, and system architecture and design, belongs agileretro.se and may not be used by the user in a broader context than described by Teamhealt.se or that are expressed in these terms and conditions. The user or third party are under no circumstances acquire any intellectual property rights to the service or the software or technical solutions used in the service or to any trademarks owned or used by agileretro.se.

The user undertakes to follow copyright rules, any other relevant intellectual property rules, rules on protection of personal data and other relevant legislation when the user uses the information provided through the services atagileretro.se.

The user receives through this agreement no right to reproduce (copy) and / or, transmit, distribute, present or in any other sense make available to the public or third party material provided by agileretro.se.


agileretro.se is normally available around the clock seven days a week. Availability is not always supervised. agileretro.se can therefore not guarantee that the services will be free from interruptions, errors or disturbances unless agreed between agileretro.se and the user.

agileretro.se has the right to take measures that affect the aforementioned accessibility, if agileretro.se considers that to be necessary for technical, maintenance, operational and safety reasons.

If a user specifically need to secure that the service is running at a certain point in time, the users can request this to the administrators of agileretro.se that will meet this requests based on availability.


agileretro.se should fix errors or omissions in a way agileretro.se finds appropriate. agileretro.se is entitled to close the website and the services for maintenance work or upgrades but make sure to do this in such a way as to cause the least possible disturbance experienced by agileretro.se users. Days and times during the day where the service is normally used and times when any user has requested the service to be running will be avoided as far as possible.


Services at agileretro.se will be continuously developed. agileretro.se is therefore entitled to from time to time make changes the services, changes in the procedures for operations, technical systems etc.

agileretro.se strives as far as possible ensure that the information provided on the website is correct. Users of the site are not entitled to enforce against agileretro.se to any remedy, including a claim for compensation for financial or other harm as a result of errors or alleged errors in the information on this site. agileretro.se does not take responsibility for the survey models available at agileretro.se.


The user commits to comply with the payment schedule specified in the purchase agreement between the user and agileretro.se. agileretro.se reserves the right to change prices and conditions at agreement end.


Users may download, copy and use all the documents in the project that the user creates in his company. The user may use and distribute these documents within their company's operations. If the user wants to use these documents for any other purposes, the user must first receive written permission from agileretro.se.


The User shall, for the purpose of making claims for compensation, make a claim without delay from the time the user has become aware of or should have become aware of the fact on which the claim is based.


Each of agileretro.se and the user has the right to cancel the subscription of service with immediate effect if:

  • a) the other party materially breaches its terms and conditions
  • b) the other party goes bankrupt, requested liquidation or there is another reason to believe that the other party is in default
  • c) if grounds for suspension from service occur (see below)

Termination must be in writing.


agileretro.se has the right to immediately suspend the user's access to agileretro.se (disable user access to agileretro.se), if

  • User despite reminder does not follow the payment agreements
  • The user uses the service in a manner in breach of agileretro.se security and management rules,
  • The user in any other way violates these terms and conditions.
  • The user, despite reprimands, uses the service in a way that may be interpreted as offensive or less suitable. agileretro.se reserves the right to determine what is considered offensive or less suitable.

An act that leads to suspension is also the basis for the cancellation of service subscriptions.

If a user is suspended, the user's account may be suspended without notice.


Swedish law shall apply to these conditions and the parties' contractual relationship. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and contractual relationship regarding the service are decided in the Gothenburg District Court.

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